Concept, Technical, System, Gameplay & UI/UX Designer
Game Summary

Created for Cassiopeia Developments, Sym.BIOS was a prototype project created during the 3rd year of university after the success of Ragnarok. In Sym.BIOS you build your mecha squad and pick their frame, armor and weaponry before your sortie. Play through procedurally generated level design versus friends or AI and either eliminate their units or capture their base.

Project Details
PC & PS4
Project Type:
School Client Project
Dev Type:
Turnbased Tactical Strategy
10 Months
Photoshop, Perforce
Unreal Engine
Team Size:
SymBIOS GasBag.png
Advanced Prototype
Project Summary

Sym.BIOS was a client prototype project created for Cassiopeia Developments during our third year of university for a "one year" project as a result of the success of the Ragnarok project. It was intended to be used to garner interest from investors and publishers for funding of a commercial project.

Though the project's conception was based of the success of the Ragnarok project of the previous year, but we were not allowed to carry on from where Ragnarok left of and were expected to start over from the concepting phase, applying what we've learned from the previous project. Requirements for the new project were set to be networking, PS4 development and procedural levels.

The project went through concepting, preproduction and production, culminating in a demo at the end of the project. During the concepting phase I was vision holder but for the remainder of the project I took on the role of system, gameplay and technical designer.

Responsibilities and contributions


  • Gameplay concepting;

  • Setting up game pillars;

  • Environmental hazards concepting;

  • Prototyping gameplay features;

  • Balancing units and mech parts;

  • Implementing features created by programmers;

  • UI design and implementation

Contributions to game:

  • Fog of War Prototype (Read more below);

  • Game Hud UI/UX Design and Implementation (Read more below);

  • Base Capture Implementation (Read more below);

  • Menu UI/UX Design and Implementation (Read more below);

  • Customization UI/UX Implementation (Read more below);

  • Customization Implementation (Read more below)


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