Project Lead, Product Owner, Producer & Vision Holder
Game Summary

Created for Cassiopeia Developments, Ragnarok was a proof of concept project created in the 2nd year of university. As commander of a mecha squad you are to take out the opponent's forces while managing your Heat resource.

Project Details
Project Type:
School Client Project
Dev Type:
Turnbased Tactical Strategy
2 Months
Photoshop, Perforce
Unreal Engine
Team Size:
Finished Combat Prototype
Project Summary

Ragnarok was a client project for Cassiopeia Developments with the intention of it becoming a combat proof of concept prototype. It was created during our second year of university for a term project (8 weeks). 

The project's brief was heavily overscope for an 8 weeks project, so one of the first things we needed to do was create a backlog and determine what we could and couldn't do.

The project went through concepting, and simultaneous paper prototyping and playtesting while production was going on. From the start we had a strong vision of the game and took other tactical combat games as examples for gameplay.


Central in the game's experience was a feeling of being outnumbered and teamplay between the mecha units. With a unique take on turn order and action points through a hybrid system in the shape of the Heat system.

Despite the strict backlog and task management done by the production team we still ended up having to scrap one of the player units, leading to them becoming the enemy units currently in the game.

Responsibilities and contributions


  • Project Lead and Product Owner (Read more below);

  • Producer (Read more below);

  • Looking out for well being of team members and team culture;

  • Motivating team members to help create the best product they can;

  • Working with the scrum master to set up backlogs and prioritization;

  • Managing the largest team of the year together with scrum master and overseeing development;

  • Performing external client meetings discussing development and progress of the game;

  • Translating external client feedback into backlog items and conveying the feedback to the team;

  • Being the voice of the external client when they weren't on site;

  • Placing myself in the shoes of the end user and being their voice;

  • Ensuring the project would stick to the vision;

  • Presenting progress to stakeholders;

  • Creating presskit

Contributions to game:

  • Game's vision, overall gameplay and tone;

  • HEAT system energy mechanic;

  • Playtesting and bug testing;

  • Setup of Q/A form and automated bugtracker (Read more below)


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